Ice Pack for Neck and Shoulders Price: $25.99 (as of 03/01/2024 07:39 PST- Details)

Patented Designed Ice Pack for Neck and Shoulders- REVIX cold pack for injuries is newly designed with a soft plush side that is handy to apply without a towel wrapping. The plush cover helps gradually adapt to the cold and avoid condensation water dripping from cooling. The ice neck wrap effectively relieves for contusion, swelling, sprains, inflammation, and speeds up healing time, helps muscles recover after strenuous activity, injury, or surgical procedure.
Large Curved Shape and Long-lasting Gel Ice Pack- With high-collar and extension-shoulder filled with much more gel (30% thicker than others) allow the shoulder ice pack wrap to stay cold up to twice as long, which better relieves pain around muscles, joints and tendons on the neck, shoulders, and upper back. Great for muscle spasms, chronic disc, shoulder rotator cuff tear, migraine pain, and sports injuries.
Flexible and Reusable Ice Packs- This neck ice pack stays smooth and pliable when frozen, feel free to store in freezer with the plastic bag included so that it is ready to use. The soft, smooth & wide sealed edge and extra-thick nylon cover are reliable to avoid scratch your skin and reuse without worrying about gel leakage. Having a REVIX reusable ice packs around is every family’s choice.